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Don’t choose between effective litter and the future of our planet.

You can have both.

We love our cats and the planet. We created SoyKitty to control litter box odors without the harsh impact on the environment.

Experience the Difference

  • Sustainably made icon

    Sustainably Made

    Our litter uses simple ingredients made by Mother Nature: soybeans, guar gum, and cornstarch. It's all-natural, renewable, and sustainable.

  • Completely Safe

    It's completely free of toxins, or harmful additives, offering cat parents a high-quality litter that’s safe for pets, people, and the planet.

Soybean field in summer: the sustainable source of plant-based cat litter for eco-conscious pet ownersSoybean field in summer: the sustainable source of plant-based cat litter for eco-conscious pet owners

Close-up of tofu cat litter pellets in a litter box, highlighting the final eco-friendly product made from the soybeansClose-up of tofu cat litter pellets in a litter box, highlighting the final eco-friendly product made from the soybeans

  • Superior Performance

    The unique pellet shape & multiple pellet sizes reduce tracking and creates an ultra-absorbent, sponge-like trap that helps eliminate litter box odors from urine and feces.

  • Reduces Waste

    It’s made by recycling plant parts that would otherwise be thrown out and end up in a landfill. It’s biodegradable and compostable, which prevents it from being a burden on the environment.

beautiful ginger and white female cat sitting on a sofa in a beautiful, fresh-smelling home thanks to SoyKitty's powerful odor neutralizing capabilities.

A fresh-smelling home without the chemicals.

Soy contains natural enzymes that neutralize odor from cat urine and feces. Our soy-based litter absorbs at least 4x of its weight in moisture and clumps in seconds. No perfumes, clumping agents, or chemical binders needed.

Eco-friendly, plant-based SoyKitty litter in litter box sitting in a beautiful, clean home. No tracking and dust-free for sensitive respiratory systems.

A dust-free formula that’s easy on the lungs.

Respiratory infection is one of the most common illnesses in cats*. Minimize respiratory irritation for
both cats and owners by using 99% dust-free cat litter which reduces the amount of airborne dust particles and irritants.

Cute ginger kitten walking outside in lush green environment. SoyKitty is biodegradable, compostable, and made of repurposed waste product. It's better for the environment.

Another way you can help our planet.

We repurpose organic ingredients discarded by the food industry to create our litter. By choosing our biodegradable litter, you contribute to a circular economy, reduce waste, and help preserve our environment.

Always simple, safe ingredients for healthier, happier cats.

SoyKitty is made from simple, biodegradable ingredients: soybeans, guar gum, and cornstarch. You’ll never find synthetic additives, toxins, clumping agents, or artificial fillers in our litter.

How it works.

  • Set your preferences

    Decide how much litter you want & how often you want to receive it. The perfect amount of litter will be delivered directly to your doorstep, right when you need it.

  • Start the transition

    Fill your litter box with 2-3 inches of SoyKitty litter, clean as usual, and refill as needed. We'll even help you through the transition process.

  • Personalize your subscription

    It's easy to update, change, reschedule, or pause your subscription at any time.

  • Make a difference

    Every year, more than 2.4 million tons of clay and silica-based litter are disposed of in landfills. Starting today, you can fight this influx of waste, just by swapping to a plant-based litter.

  • Always free shipping

  • Love it or your money back

  • Customizable subscription

Hear why other eco-conscious cat parents made the switch.

Grey cat sleeping
Fluffy tabby cat looking at the camera
black cat with green eyes laying down
Big orange cat laying down looking at the camera
A grey and white tabby cat named Kit looking naughty.

I've tried countless litters claiming to control odors, but SoyKitty is the real deal. The difference is astonishing. Even after my cat's business, there's no unpleasant smell lingering in the house. It's like magic!

Olivia L.

SoyKitty has been a breath of fresh air for my cat, quite literally! My fur baby struggled with respiratory issues, and traditional litters only made it worse. Since switching to SoyKitty, the dust-free, hypoallergenic formula has made a world of difference. No more sneezing fits or labored breathing. It's heartwarming to see my cat finally enjoying a litter that's gentle on her sensitive lungs. Thank you, SoyKitty, for helping my precious kitty breathe easy again!

Bethany T.

With three cats, odor control was a constant battle until I switched to SoyKitty. It's incredible how it locks away even the strongest odors. Now, I don't have to worry about having guests over and wondering if my house has that cat smell. Now my house smells fresh and clean!

Ryan P.

I've been using SoyKitty for a few weeks now, and I'm blown away by how well it works. My cat's litter box stays fresher longer, and it's so easy to clean. Plus, knowing that it's eco-friendly and safe for my cat makes me feel good about using it. I highly recommend SoyKitty to any cat owner looking for a better litter option.

Sofia S.

Not only does my cat prefer SoyKitty over her old litter, but I do too. It doesn't stick to her paws, sparing my home from the usual litter trail. Thanks to its excellent clumping ability (you can literally see it clump!), the odor control is top-notch. Unlike other litters that claim to clump well but fall apart during scooping, SoyKitty lives up to its promise. It stays together, making cleanup super simple. Transitioning was a breeze for my cat too – she took to it immediately. It's been a win-win for us!

Luke H.