About the Litter

What's the difference between SoyKitty and the other all-natural cat litters? 

Great question! SoyKitty stands out from other all-natural cat litters in several key ways:

  • No Toxins or Additives: SoyKitty is absolutely free of toxins, fillers, or additives. We prioritize the safety and well-being of your cat, ensuring that our litter is a clean and natural choice.
  • Pest-Resistant: Unlike some other all-natural litters, SoyKitty isn't seen as a food source by rodents and pests. This means you won't have to worry about the risk of infestations in your home, offering peace of mind for you and your cat.
  • Aflatoxin-Free: Aflatoxins, a type of deadly mold, can pose a significant health risk to both cats and humans. With SoyKitty, there's absolutely no risk of aflatoxins, even when our litter comes in contact with moisture. This is a common concern and occurrence with corn and wheat litters, making SoyKitty a safer choice for your cat's health.
  • Improved Clumping: Our litter is formulated take make quick, sturdy clumps which makes it easier to scoop and clean. This can save you time and effort compared to litters that don't clump as effectively (or at all).
  • Low Tracking: SoyKitty's unique pellet composition are designed to minimize tracking, keeping your home cleaner. Some other all-natural litters may have smaller or dustier particles that can be more prone to tracking.
  • Unscented Option: We will also offer an unscented litter, which is generally better for cats with sensitive noses. Many other litters may contain added fragrances that some cats and humans find unpleasant.
Is SoyKitty safe for my cat (and me)?

SoyKitty is probably the safest cat litter on the planet. It’s made with food-grade ingredients, and 100% non-toxic. It’s completely safe for your cat’s skin and paws - even if it’s eaten!

What is SoyKitty made out of?

Our litter is primarily made from food-grade soy by-products from the production of soymilk or tofu. This byproduct would normally have gone straight into a landfill. We wanted to find another use for all that food waste, and SoyKitty is the result! The remainder includes other all-natural, plant ingredients: guar gum and cornstarch.

What about odor control? How does it effectively reduce odors?

Odor control is a huge concern for any cat parent. We’re right there with you, which is why we made sure our litter offered maximum protection against odors. Litters like clay and crystal are ADsorbent, meaning the waste coats the litter, rather than being ABsorbed by the litter. Grain-based litters (though better for the environment, yay!) offer moderate odor control and little to no ammonia control. Soybean byproduct, when dried and made into litter, acts like a natural sponge to rapidly absorb liquids and trap odor, making it 3x more absorbent than traditional litters, neutralizes that pesky ammonia smell, and is up to 10x better at controlling odors. This makes it the best cat litter with its superb odor control for small spaces!

Does SoyKitty track easily?

Not at all! The unique shape and composition of SoyKitty is designed to prevent tracking.

What do I do with the waste?

Our litter is highly absorbent and flushable, making it easy to dispose of responsibly. You can also compost it or use biodegradable bags and toss it. Make sure to check with your local municipalities and abide by the rules and regulations.

What about flushing and toxoplasmosis?

If your cat is strictly indoors (isn’t hunting and eating birds or rodents and doesn’t eat raw meat), they are unlikely to become infected with toxoplasmosis and the litter is perfectly safe to flush! The only way cats can catch toxoplasmosis is from infected meat, usually from being outside where they kill and eat native wildlife. If you previously allowed your cat to run outside, you can ensure it no longer has toxoplasmosis by keeping it inside for 2+ weeks, giving the parasite time to complete its lifecycle and leave your cat’s body. Cats with toxoplasmosis will always contribute that parasite to the water table somehow, whether via rainwater runoff, landfill runoff, or just pooping outside. Because of this, I recommend that you keep your kitty indoors!

The safety of your kitty and the environment is always our top priority! According to the CDC, cats kept indoors that do not hunt prey, and are not fed raw meat are not likely to be infected with toxoplasmosis. We’d recommend that you only flush feces of indoor cats, in municipalities which allow it.

Will my cat have a problem using SoyKitty?

SoyKitty is soft on paws and is very easy to dig in, so virtually all cats take to it right away. However, as we all know, some cats are finicky. You may have to transition your cat to SoyKitty more slowly by mixing it with his or her old litter at first, then transitioning completely to SoyKitty over the course of a few weeks.

Will SoyKitty stain my cat’s paws or the floor?

Nope. SoyKitty’s color comes from soy, and is absolutely non-transferring or staining.

How do I use SoyKitty?

It’s easy! Just fill your cat’s litter box to a depth of 2-3”, and refill as needed. One bag will last 1 cat the entire month!

Is the litter suitable for cats with allergies or respiratory issues?

Yes! Our low dust formula (99% dust-free!) makes it a great option for cats and owners with allergies or respiratory sensitivities.

How many bags do I need?

Each bag of SoyKitty is engineered to last one cat for one month! It’s designed to work with a medium litter box (approximately 12“ x 16”). If you are using a litter box larger than this, you may want to consider purchasing 2 bags of litter.

How does one bag last an entire month?

One bag of SoyKitty litter lasts an entire month because of its exceptional absorbency and unique pellet shape. Here's why:

  • Superior Absorbency: SoyKitty litter is highly absorbent, quickly locking in moisture and odors. This means you use less litter during each change, extending the lifespan of a single bag.
  • Efficient Clumping: Our litter forms solid clumps upon contact with moisture, making it easy to scoop out soiled areas while leaving clean litter behind. This targeted clumping action ensures minimal waste.
  • Unique Pellet Shape: Our litter is made with multiple pellet sizes which reduces the amount of fresh litter wasted during each use. Unlike finer-grained litters, our pellets don't break down as easily, allowing you to get more use out of each bag. 
  • Reduced Tracking: Our low-tracking formula means less litter is carried out of the box on your cat's paws, further extending the life of the litter.

All of this means less frequent refills and more convenience for you and your cat.

Can I use SoyKitty with multiple cats?

Of course! Just make sure you get one bag per cat. And make sure to have at least 1 litter box per cat + 1 extra to give your kitties plenty of options to do their business!

What size litter box is SoyKitty designed for?

SoyKitty is designed to work with most medium-sized litter boxes. If you use a ‘larger than average’ litter box, you may want to consider using two bags of SoyKitty.

What if my cat is large and I use a large litter box?

No problem at all. For larger cats or litter boxes larger than 12“ x 16”, we recommend purchasing 2 bags of litter.

How should I store the remaining clean litter?

Store the remaining litter in a dry, well-ventilated area. Unlike other all-natural, grain litters you won’t have to worry about keeping the remaining SoyKitty litter in an airtight or sealed container to keep out bugs and other pests.
SoyKitty litter isn’t ‘raw’ so bugs, rodents, pests, or even other pets won’t recognize it as food.

What is the recommended frequency for changing the litter box with SoyKitty litter?

Following a regular litter box cleaning schedule will help you extend the life of your litter and keep kitty (and your nose) happy! Scoop out clumps at least 1x per day. Twice per day would be ideal. Once in the morning and once in the evening. With SoyKitty you can simply take the clumps right to the toilet, let the litter dissolve, then flush! Don't forget to refill the litter box to maintain that 2" - 3" of litter so kitty can easily dig and cover their waste. Every month, we suggest that you completely empty, clean the litter box, and refill the box with your new bag of SoyKitty litter.

Will SoyKitty work with self-cleaning or automatic litter boxes?

Yes, SoyKitty works with most self-cleaning litter boxes, but not all. SoyKitty usually won’t work in the LitterRobot, or in the PetSafe ScoopFree box or similar boxes designed specifically for scooping poop out of crystal litter, because they don’t have enough power to remove litter clumps. SoyKitty usually works in boxes designed for scooping clay clumps, like the Pet Zone Smart Scoop.

In general, if your litter box will scoop clay clumps and has teeth spaced at least 1cm apart, it should work with SoyKitty, but we're not able to guarantee that it will work because there are so many different models! 

Who is SoyKitty made for?

SoyKitty litter isn't for every cat owner (though, hopefully one day we hope it will be!). If you're looking for a cheap litter without consideration for the health or environmental impacts of the litter, then SoyKitty isn't for you. SoyKitty is made for cat parents who are looking for a non-toxic, all-natural, 100% kitty- and human-safe litter. It's for cat-owning eco-warriors who want to protect the environment, wildlife, and communities. It's for cat-moms and cat-dads who are sick of the environmental and ecological destruction caused by traditional cat litters. It's for cat-parents who are living a low-waste or zero-waste lifestyle (or those of us who are trying our best), because you understand that we only have 1 planet and want to protect it. It's also for those with kitties who just want a dang-good litter that's dust-free and tough on odors. If you can relate to at least one of the statements above, SoyKitty is for you!

About Sustainability

What makes this a sustainable choice?

Our litter is made primarily of soybean fiber which is a byproduct of the soy food industry. When soybeans are processed into food products like tofu and soy milk, the fibrous material is filtered out and would otherwise go to the landfill. Instead, we’re able to repurpose this into absorbent cat litter. Since it’s made of natural materials it can be disposed of by flushing or composting, if your local regulations allow. Most cat lovers are not aware that traditional clay litters are usually made of sodium bentonite, a mineral that is strip-mined and not biodegradable. A 2017 report reveals that more than five billion pounds of sodium bentonite is mined each year just for cat litter with the vast majority ending up in landfills—more than 125,000 truckloads each year.

Is SoyKitty litter biodegradable and compostable?

Yes. SoyKitty is biodegradable and can be composted. When disposing of the litter, please follow all local regulations in your region. Our litter is technically flushable, many regulations and BMPs advise not to flush any litter. Please follow your local regulations and BMPs.

What about flushable?

Small clumps of this litter can be flushed in a well-maintained septic system. Use your scoop to break up larger clumps as needed, with each one being no bigger than a billiard ball. Before flushing, just make sure to check with your local and state regulations.

How's SoyKitty better than clay or silica litters?

SoyKitty outperforms clay and silica litters in several significant ways:

  • Eco-Friendly: Unlike clay litters that involve strip mining and silica litters that require energy-intensive manufacturing processes, SoyKitty is made from sustainable soybean byproducts. It's a greener choice that reduces the environmental impact.
  • Safety: Our litter is made out of plants and contains no toxins, ensuring a safe experience for your cat. Some clay litters may contain additives that could be harmful, while silica litters may pose a risk if ingested.
  • Odor Control: SoyKitty's unique formulation offers superior odor control compared to traditional clay and silica litters. Our litter absorbs moisture quickly, trapping odors at the source and keeping your home smelling fresh.
  • Low Dust: Our litter is 99% dust-free. Unlike clay litters, SoyKitty won't create clouds of dust that can irritate you or your cat's respiratory system or settle on surfaces throughout your home.
  • Clumping and Scooping: SoyKitty offers superior clumping abilities, making it easier to scoop and clean your cat's litter box. Clay litters, in particular, can be heavy and clump poorly. Or even worse...stick like cement to the litter box. 😫
  • Moisture Absorption: SoyKitty's formula absorbs moisture in about 3 seconds. Soybean byproduct, when dried and made into litter, acts like a natural sponge to rapidly absorb liquids and trap odor, making it 3x more absorbent than traditional litters.
  • Low Tracking: SoyKitty's pellet composition is designed to minimize tracking, keeping your home cleaner. Clay litters, especially the fine-grain varieties, can be prone to spreading dust and litter particles.


Is my purchase automatically enrolled in monthly shipping?

You have the option to enroll in our subscription service or purchase 1 bag of litter at a time. Our subscription service is designed to make your life easier. We’re not only providing you with the best, safest, and easiest cat litter, we’re doing it monthly without you having to think about it. That’s one less errand to worry about! Of course, you can cancel at any time and we won’t re-bill you. Just head to the Account link at the bottom of the page to log in and manage your subscription. 

I have a lot of cats, how can I order more litter?

First of all, I’m jealous… second of all, send us a quick email at meow@soykitty.com. Let us know how many bags of litter you want delivered and at what frequency. We’ll get back to you with next steps. 

How do I make changes to my subscription?

Simply log into your account and from there you can update your billing information, shipping address, skip a month, add or remove bags of litter, pause, or cancel your subscription.

Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely. You can cancel from inside of your account at any time, and we will never bill you again if you do (unless you resubscribe!).

Can I buy without a subscription?

Yep!  Select “one-time” when selecting your preferences for the product. It’s a bit more expensive, but it’s a great way to test our litter without committing to a recurring subscription. You can order additional bags from our site whenever you’re ready to restock or sign up for a monthly plan.

How do subscriptions work?

We offer subscriptions as an easy way to keep your cat’s necessities in stock (while saving $ and our planet). Subscriptions are not required, you can order refills anytime from our site. If you choose a subscription, you can select the number of bags you’d like delivered and at what frequency. When you subscribe to 1 bag of litter, you’ll receive a 5% discount on each order. When you subscribe to 2 or more bags, you’ll receive a 10% discount on each bag, each order. If you only need 1 bag of litter per month but are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, you can sign up to receive 2 bags every 2 months and you’ll not only receive 10% off each bag, but you’ll help us save on shipping materials and emissions! Double-win!

The perks of a subscription:
✅Save 10% on every order when you subscribe to 2+ bags.
✅Get free shipping on orders.
✅No obligation. Edit or cancel anytime.
✅Save to trip to the pet or grocery store.
✅One more thing checked off your to-do list.

Ordering & Shipping

I ordered during the pre-sale. How soon will I receive my litter?

We expect to have product ready to ship out in mid to late March. Once the product is ready to go and a carrier has picked up your package, you'll receive an email with your tracking information. Shipping typically takes between 4-7 business days.

How long does shipping take?

Typically orders received before 12pm (Pacific) will ship out the same day. Orders received after 12pm (Pacific) will ship out the following business day. Orders placed on weekends or holidays will be processed on the next business day. We offer one standard shipping option for your convenience, with orders typically arriving to you within 3-5 business days.  Please note that we currently only ship within the continuous United States (not Alaska or Hawaii). In total, you can expect to receive your order between 3-7 business days.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only ship within the contiguous United States and are working on adding new market options soon. If you’re outside of the U.S., send us a note at meow@soykitty.com, and we will let you know when we’re available in your area.

How much is shipping?

Free! We offer free shipping (typically arrives in 4-7 business days) on all orders.

How and when will I be billed?

You’ll be billed when each refill order is created, so it all depends on your subscription frequency. If you cancel your subscription just after a refill order has been created, it will only cancel future refills. The refill order that was just created will still be billed and shipped.

What if my order is damaged or missing?

If your litter experiences any damage in transit, please connect with us at meow@soykitty.com. We may request photos of the damage so we can properly refund you, and also work things out with the shipping provider to prevent the issue from happening in the future.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover). We’re excited to explore more payment options down the road, though currently are only able to offer subscriptions with this assortment.

What shipping methods do you offer?

We offer FREE standard shipping for all order shipped within the contiguous United States. Orders shipped via standard shipping are typically shipped within 24-48 hours and arrive in 5 to 7 business days.

Where is SoyKitty litter available?

At this time, SoyKitty litter is available exclusively online, on our website www.soykitty.com. If you’re a distributor or are interested in selling SoyKitty litter in your store, please contact me at wholesale@soykitty.com.

Returns & Guarantees

What is your return or refund policy?

We offer a 100% satisfaction, 100% money-back guarantee on your first cat litter order (of up to 1 bag) within 60 days of purchase. However, on subsequent orders (after the first one), no refunds will be issued, except in the event of damage in transit. To get started, send us a note at meow@soykitty.com with your order # and why it's not working out.

Can I exchange my order?

We do not have direct exchanges available right now, though please send us an email or text. Let's chat through what's not working for you and find a solution that does.

Can I try before I subscribe?

Yup. You can select “one-time” when selecting your preferences for the product. If you love it, you can come back and start a personalized subscription based on your needs, quantities, and frequencies. We’re excited to have you!

Other Inquiries

Do you offer bulk discounts for shelters and rescues?

Of course! We may even be able to donate a few bags to you.  Contact us for more info: meow@soykitty.com.

I have other questions. How can I speak with you?

Ask us anything at all. You can email or text us. We’ll get back to you as fast as we can!

Email — meow@soykitty.com

WhatsApp — +52-322-274-1221

Interested in wholesale?

Email us at meow@soykitty.com.

Press inquiries?

Email us at meow@soykitty.com.