8 Cat Breeds That Love Winter - Black & white Maine Coon cat outside in the snow

8 Cat Breeds That Love Winter

Are you looking for a four-legged blizzard buddy or just curious about which cats have the most in common with the yeti? You came to the right article, you curious cat. As we see more and more record-cold winters, finding a cat that can handle the cold better than the hairless Cornish Rex may be a good idea. 8 cat breeds that love winter and won’t mind making a snowman with you include

Put on your best fur coat and get ready to learn about some feline snow angels. These cats live for the cold and will dazzle you with their dashing tenacity. From the big and bold Maine Coon to the Manx, cold-loving cats come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments.


Russian Siberian cat - mad fluffy Siberian cat covered in snow

The Siberian cat is considered a Russian national treasure. Best known for their love of water, the Siberian may even be more popular than the Siberian Husky. And we can see why. This breed possesses power, strength, and natural balance. And while not the main protagonists, they often make an appearance in Russian fairy tales.

This breed is also well adapted for the frigid Russian climate. With a thick triple-coat that repels water, this cat resembles a 19th century North Pole explorer. And that’s not all. The Siberian has an ultra-dense scarf of fur around its neck and thick tufts of fur on their legs. Like Cat Fanciers’ says, this cat is “designed by nature to survive.”

Norwegian Forest

Norwegian Forest cat - fluffy, long-haired cat sitting in the snow

A Norwegian native, the Norwegian Forest is one tenacious ball of adorable fluff! Also known at the Skogkatt, this immense kitty takes pride in its waterproof double-coat. The fluffy topcoat hides a shorter but dense and coarse undercoat. And with tufted paws, this cat’s feet don’t tend to get chilly in the coldest of climates. Norwegian Forests also have delightful puffs of fur to keep the snow and cold out of their ears, and they have fashionably long pants (or “rear britches”) and a feathery tail to help them stay warm.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon Cat - grey long-haired Maine Coon cat sitting outside

The massive and intelligent Maine Coon can take on most frosty winters. This breed has a thick and somewhat rough coat that keeps them warm through cold nights. These dog-like cats will follow you on a winter walk if you’ll allow it. The Maine Coon wasn’t created by breeders but developed in the rugged wintery landscape of Maine and the surrounding region.

And what about that feathery, fluffy, and majestic tail? Maine Coons, when they were kept outdoors in Maine winters wrapped their tails around their bodies like a blanket to stay toasty. And the Maine Coon’s handsome tufted ears works like ear muffs to keep their ears warm all winter long.


Persian cat - fluffy white Persian cat

The Persian or what we like to call the Purrrr-sian, cat looks dressed to impress on a runway in Antarctica. This cat may often be referred to as a “doll-face,” But don’t let this cat’s adorable face fool you, this breed adapts well to adverse conditions. Their double-layered coat insulates them against the cold and wind, although they prefer to curl up beside the fireplace.


Himalayan - Fluffy white and grey Himalayan cat with blue eyes

Darling and fuzzy, this Siamese-Persian hybrid is tough, strong, and robust. Himalayan cats give dogs a run for their money when it comes to playing fetch, and their independence makes them fit to star on Life Below Zero.

It’s easy to see why the Himalayan thrives in the cold with its long, dense, and luxurious coat. And if your Himalayan gets out in the snow, you don’t have to worry about her camouflaging in with the snow since they have the cutest little dark faces.


Manx cat - tail-less Manx cat standing

No, this breed didn’t get its tail frozen off in the winters in the British Isles, and we don’t think the Manx even minds its bobbed bum. Not much bothers this Isle of Man native, especially when the Manx has hunting on its mind. And the Manx can hunt in pretty chilly climates. It’s thick double-coat keeps it warm, toasty, and ready for the next adventure.

The Manx doesn’t shy away from hard work in rough climates It was made famous by its ability to hunt mice on sailing ships. This breed was beloved farmers with barn mice problems.

Russian Blue

Russian Blue - beautiful grey Russian Blue cat up close

The Russian Blue’s striking appearance stops many people in their tracks. With a plush bluish-gray coat and glowing gold eyes, the Russian Blue may be a rare specimen of beauty, but it’s also a winter kitty. While the Russian Blue may not have the longest coat you’ll find, its dense and plush fur provides plenty of insulation. And it’s no wonder this kitty can tolerate freezing cold temperatures, most sources believe they originated from northern Russia.

Highland Fold

Highland Fold - Blue Cream and White highland Fold and grey Highland Fold Domestic Cat laying against White Background

It’s nearly impossible to not smile when you see a Highland Fold. These sweet cats are known for their stubby ears, although not all of them develop folded ears. This long-haired version of the Scottish Fold descends from hard-working farm cats with a genetic disorder that resulted in a lack of ear cartilage.

This hardy cat adapts well to warm and cold climates and love to play. They’re also known for standing on their hind legs to better see where their beloved human has wandered off to.

Winter Wonder Cats

These frigid kitties have what it takes to thrive in the coldest climates on Earth, but they still prefer a warm lap and some cuddling. If you’re considering adopting one of these beautiful breeds, we wanted to suggest some cute yet cool kitty names: Blizzard, Flurry, Slush, and Britches. And if you live in one of the frosty regions of the world, be kind and put out a box, bin, or cat house. Add a few warm towels to help keep community cats and outdoor kitties warm during the cold winter months.

Stay warm and stay cool with your kitty!

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