Introducing SoyKitty Cat Litter: 100% Eco-Friendly, Plant-Based Cat Litter. SoyKitty cat litter in a litter box.

Introducing SoyKitty Cat Litter: 100% Eco-Friendly, Plant-Based Cat Litter


We're over the moon to introduce you to our latest creation, SoyKitty Cat Litter. As cat lovers ourselves, we know the daily challenges that come with being a responsible pet parent. That's why we've poured our hearts and souls into crafting a solution that's as exceptional as your kitty. We’re excited to announce our new product, SoyKitty Cat Litter; a powerful and innovative solution designed to help eco-conscious cat parents enjoy a cleaner, healthier home without compromising on sustainability. In this blog post, we'll share all the details about our new product and why we believe it can make a difference for you, eco-conscious cat owners.

Common litter challenges cat owners face

Frustrated woman cleaning the litter box with her cat sitting nearby, depicting the litter box challenges cat owners face.

If you’re anything like us, you often find yourselves grappling with the same old litter box issues: odors, tracking, and excessive amounts of dust clouds. The existing cat litter options seem to fall into two camps - effective yet destructive to our planet (and our kitty’s health), or eco-friendly but disappointingly ineffective. It's a frustrating compromise that left us and many cat owners feeling stuck. However, with SoyKitty Cat Litter, say goodbye to those woes forever. Our litter is specially formulated to combat these common struggles, offering a fresh and liberating litter box experience.

The SoyKitty difference

At SoyKitty, we understand that your cat's well-being and the health of our planet matter to you. That's why we've spent countless hours researching, testing, and refining our product to offer something truly special. Our litter isn’t just a litter—it's a commitment to creating a cleaner, healthier world for both your kitty and the planet.

What sets SoyKitty cat litter apart?

SoyKitty cat litter comes packed with features that make eco-friendly litter care easier than ever. Here are just a few of the key features that set SoyKitty cat litter apart:

Eco-friendly ingredients:

Eco-friendly cat litter ingredients displayed with soybean pods, guar beans, and a jar of cornstarch, emphasizing natural, eco-friendly cat litter.

Our litter is made primarily from food-grade soy by-products from the production of soy milk or tofu. By repurposing waste from the soy food industry, we're not just creating a fantastic cat litter; we're also reducing waste and carbon footprint. The remainder of ingredients in our litter are: guar gum and cornstarch. Our litter is made out of plants and contains no toxic chemicals, fillers, or additives. We made sure to prioritize the safety and well-being of your cat, ensuring that our litter is a clean and natural choice.

Exceptional odor control:

Say goodbye to overpowering artificial fragrances. SoyKitty Cat Litter uses the natural power of soy to neutralize odors effectively. Soybean byproduct, when dried and made into litter, acts like a natural sponge to rapidly absorb liquids and trap odor, instead of allowing that liquid to pool at the bottom of the litter box like many traditional cat litters. Soy also contains natural enzymes that break down the compounds responsible for odor; these enzymes help to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. So this powerful combination of quick absorption & bacteria breakdown makes our litter great at keeping the home smelling fresh & clean.

Low dust and tracking:

Our litter is 99% dust-free, making it a great option for kitties and humans with sensitive respiratory systems. Unlike clay litters, SoyKitty won't create clouds of dust that can irritate you or your cat's respiratory system or settle on surfaces throughout your home. Our litter also comes with multiple pellet lengths. You’ll see 3 distinct pellet sizes in each bag. We found that this combination of lengths gave us the maximum amount of absorption with the least amount of clean litter waste. Plus it helps reduce tracking, keeping your home cleaner, longer.

Flushable and biodegradable:

Flushable tofu cat litter undergoing a water pour test in a clear beaker, showcasing the litter's biodegradable properties.

Disposing of used litter has never been easier. Since SoyKitty cat litter is made of natural plant materials, it can be disposed of by composting or flushing, if your local regulations allow. We recommend composting your litter to improve the soil for your flower garden! When disposing of the litter, please follow all local regulations and best management practices (BMPs). Most cat people aren’t aware that more than 125,000 truckloads of traditional cat litter waste end up in the landfill each year, AND STAY THERE. By switching to a biodegradable cat litter like SoyKitty, you’re helping to conserve our environment and reduce excess landfill waste.

What do other cat owners think of it?

We (obviously) love our litter, but don't just take our word for it. Here are just a few of the early reviews and testimonials from our customers.

"Not only does my cat prefer SoyKitty over her old litter, but I do too. It doesn't stick to her paws, sparing my home from the usual litter trail. Thanks to its excellent clumping ability (you can literally see it clump!), the odor control is top-notch. Unlike other litters that claim to clump well but fall apart during scooping, SoyKitty lives up to its promise. It stays together, making cleanup super simple. Transitioning was a breeze for my cat too – she took to it immediately. It's been a win-win for us!" - Luke H.

"Clay litter has always been the staple in my household. But, after it caused 3 blockages in my cat, I had to find something better. In my experience, eco-friendly litters are HORRIBLE at odor control, so I was leery to try SoyKitty. I'm pleasantly surprised at how well it performs. It controls odor better than my clay litter AND I don't have to worry about blockages!" - Claudia W.

SoyKitty has been a breath of fresh air for my cat, quite literally! My fur baby struggled with respiratory issues, and traditional litters only made it worse. Since switching to SoyKitty, the dust-free, hypoallergenic formula has made a world of difference. No more sneezing fits or labored breathing. It's heartwarming to see my cat finally enjoying a litter that's gentle on her sensitive lungs. Thank you, SoyKitty, for helping my precious kitty breathe easy again!” - Bethany T.

Who is SoyKitty cat litter made for?

Affectionate woman embracing a grey tabby cat, representing SoyKitty Cat Litter's compassionate and eco-conscious consumer base.

SoyKitty litter isn't for every cat owner (though, hopefully one day we hope it will be!). If you're looking for a cheap litter without consideration for the health or environmental impacts of the litter, then SoyKitty isn't for you. SoyKitty is made for cat parents who are looking for a non-toxic, all-natural, 100% kitty- and human-safe litter. It's for cat-owning eco-warriors who want to protect the environment, wildlife, and communities. It's for cat-moms and cat-dads who are sick of the environmental and ecological destruction caused by traditional cat litters. It's for cat-parents who are living a low-waste or zero-waste lifestyle (or those of us who are trying our best), because you understand that we only have one planet and want to protect it. It's also for those with kitties who just want a dang-good litter that's dust-free and tough on odors. If you can relate to at least one of the statements above, SoyKitty is for you!

Now available for pre-order!

Ready to experience the benefits of SoyKitty cat litter for yourself? We're excited to tell you that our eco-friendly, plant-based cat litter is now available for pre-order. At SoyKitty, we believe in making your shopping experience as convenient and customizable as possible. When you select your product preferences, you can choose the "one-time" option to try it out. And if you love it as much as we do, you can always come back and start a personalized subscription tailored to your specific needs, quantities, and frequencies. You can create a schedule that suits you, and we'll always ship your orders for free. Plus, the more you order, the more you save! Opt for a subscription of one bag, and you'll receive a 5% discount on every order. If you choose two or more bags, you'll enjoy a 10% discount on each bag, every single month! We expect the first shipments of litter to start going out in late February or early March.

We can't wait for you and your kitty to experience the SoyKitty difference. Thank you for choosing a better world for your cat and our planet!


Sandra Davis
Sandra Davis

I’ve been waiting for a cat litter like this. Thanks.

Lynn Cacioppo
Lynn Cacioppo

I would love to try sometime that is good for my 🙀 cat.

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