Holiday and Christmas Gift Ideas for Cat (and Earth) Lovers

Holiday and Christmas Gift Ideas for Cat (and Earth) Lovers

The holiday season is a time for family and friends, whether of the footed or furred variety! It can also be a time of great swathes of wrapping paper, plastic waste and unwanted presents making their way toward landfills. Though the wrapping paper is probably your cat’s favorite part of the whole shebang, sometimes you’ve gotta put our mother earth first. So, in keeping with the pine-green spirit of Christmas, here are a bunch of ideas for you and your cat, that also tread lightly on the earth. 

Make Your Own Cat Toys

Leading the pack is this book of wonders that teaches you how to create your own cat toys at home, from things you’d normally have around the house. It’s the perfect Christmas gift as it means interesting projects for the cat-parent, as well as resulting in super-fun toys for the cat! The tag line for this book is ‘Saving The Planet One Cat Toy At A Time’, which is just an irresistible concept! It also contains tips on being an eco-friendly cat owner, so it would be great for someone with a new cat or kitten, to help them see how green they can still be!

Ripple Rug

SnugglyCat Ripple Rug


Not only is this rug from a group called ‘SnugglyCat’, which is just adorable, but it’s also just a fan-flipping-tastic idea. It has endless variations, as all you need to do to mix it up is lift up the top sheet, wiggle it around a bit and lay it back down. Then, voila! A whole new scratch-mat playground with hidey-holes and peek-a-boo tunnels. The mat is made from 100% recycled bottles, so it’s doing its part for the planet. Great even for nervous cats as the tunnels and holes allow for hiding spaces, while for adventurous cats, these make for a perfect festive playground.

All Natural Silvervine Sticks

We all know cats love a bit of catnip, but have you ever heard of silvervine? It contains two cat attractants, to catnip’s lowly one, so chances are your cat will respond even more strongly to these sticks. They’re chewable and work like a toothbrush, helping to prevent the buildup of plaque. They’re made simply from the Matatabi silvervine, so are entirely biodegradable. The makers recommend using these no more than three times a week, so the package you get will last a while (don’t blow them all on Christmas Day!). Just be sure to keep them sealed in the bag they come in, to prevent them from losing potency. And rest assured, silvervine, like catnip, is non-toxic and non-addictive.

Catty Stacks

This festive season, treat your cat (or someone else’s) to a new house! These heavy-duty corrugated cardboard cubes and bridges stack together in any which way you like to create a one-of-a-kind playground and exploration area. They can be re-stacked and changed around as often as you want, ensuring ongoing mental and physical stimulation for any kitty. They’re also great just as cat towers or hidey-holes, fulfilling many feline needs!

Cat DNA Test

Breed + Health Cat DNA Test

Looking for a truly unique and thoughtful Christmas gift for the cat lover in your life? Consider giving them a cat DNA test by Basepaws! This innovative test dives deep into the cat's genetic makeup, revealing valuable insights about their breed, health, and ancestry. By understanding a cat's genetic profile, they can make informed decisions to support their well-being and longevity. Whether they're curious about their cat's breed heritage or want to ensure they live their healthiest life, this DNA test is a gift that keeps on giving. Give the gift of knowledge and love to the cat lovers in your life this holiday season with the Basepaws Cat Breed + Health DNA Test.

AquaSprouts Aquarium

Upgrade your garden into a self-sustaining ecosystem.

This is just very cool and I want one for my house immediately! What this does is turn fish waste into plant fuel for the small herb garden, filled with plants like catnip and valerian, of course, that sits on top of a 10-liter fish tank. The fish, having been fed, produce manure. This can make a tank awfully grimy awfully quickly. But with AquaSprouts, the plant roots utilize the manure for food, helping them to grow and cleaning the tank in the process. See? Very cool. So not only can your cats have a festive morning watching the fish swim about, they can also have a great afternoon on the ‘nip!

SoyKitty Subscription

Get a SoyKitty Subscription - eco-friendly, biodegradable cat litter

This Christmas, consider a gift that keeps your cat's well-being and the environment in mind. I don't mean to brag, but I think your cat and the human family members of your household will love our litter. Our plant-based, biodegradable, and flushable kitty litter is not only gentle on the planet but also a breeze to use. Whether you have one cat or a whole feline family, our subscription service is flexible and convenient. So, why not share the gift of a clean and eco-conscious home with your cat and the other cat people in your lives? Sign up for our waiting list today and be the first to try SoyKitty when it goes live. Make this Christmas special for your cat and the environment by choosing SoyKitty.

Treat yourself and your loved ones this Christmas, with presents that won’t cost the earth, in more ways than one. These green gift ideas for cat lovers will have you on Mother Earth and Father Christmas’s nice lists, as well as in the all-important good-graces of your nearest and dearest Santa Claws. A very merry Cat-mas to you all!

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