Logo of The Soy Innovation Challenge with a finalist badge, showcasing SoyKitty cat litter's recognition.

The Start of SoyKitty's Journey: Soy Innovation Challenge Finalist

In December 2022, SoyKitty was named one of the 5 finalists of the prestigious Soy Innovation Challenge, hosted by The United Soybean Board in partnership with The Yield Lab Institute. This recognition marked a significant milestone in SoyKitty's journey, solidifying its commitment to creating sustainable, eco-friendly products for pets.

The Soy Innovation Challenge

The Soy Innovation Challenge called on entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, and research teams to present groundbreaking ideas that would advance the use and demand for soybean meal in existing markets. With nearly 80 applicants from around the globe, the competition is fierce, showcasing a range of innovative solutions in animal agriculture, artificial intelligence, pet foods, and feed additives. All finalists will now move forward, competing for $170,000 in cash prizes courtesy of USB, mentorship and entrepreneurial networking courtesy of The Yield Lab Institute’s global network of ag-tech business and technical leaders and $5,000 in in-kind technical services and credits per finalist, courtesy of AWS.

SoyKitty's Vision

SoyKitty's innovative approach involves repurposing waste products from tofu and soy milk production into value-added cat litter. This eco-friendly solution not only addresses environmental concerns but also offers a safe and effective product for cat owners. By participating in the Soy Innovation Challenge, SoyKitty has gained recognition and support to further develop and promote its sustainable pet products.

Watch the Journey Unfold

To learn more about SoyKitty's journey and the other finalists in the Soy Innovation Challenge, check out the video below. Brandon Day, COO of The Yield Lab Institute, provides insights into the challenge, and the finalists share their innovative ideas. From eco-friendly cat litter to quantum computing in drug design, the video showcases the cutting-edge solutions that are shaping the future of the soybean industry. 

Meet the Finalists

Alongside SoyKitty, the other finalists in the Soy Innovation Challenge include:

  • POLARISqb: Utilizing quantum computing and artificial intelligence to revolutionize drug design, developing a feed additive that enhances the digestibility and nutritional value of soymeal feed for livestock.
  • Satavie: Providing high-quality soy protein concentrate made with innovative technology to deliver wholesome and nutritious ingredients for generations.
  • Ichthus Unlimited: Focusing on resolving bottleneck issues in the aquaculture industry by developing soy-based animal feed binders to replace costly alternatives.

Looking Forward

SoyKitty's recognition in the Soy Innovation Challenge is just the beginning. The company continues to innovate and push the boundaries of sustainability in the pet care industry. By creating premium, eco-friendly products that are safer for people, pets, and the planet, SoyKitty is set to make a lasting impact.

Wrap It Up

The Soy Innovation Challenge has highlighted the potential of innovative ideas to drive sustainability and efficiency in various industries. SoyKitty's journey from a creative concept to a recognized finalist is a testament to the power of innovation and the importance of eco-friendly solutions. Stay tuned as SoyKitty continues to lead the way in sustainable pet care products.

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