Entrance sign of Commodity Classic 2023 where SoyKitty was announced as a finalist in the Soy Innovation Challenge.

Next Step in the Soy Innovation Challenge: Commodity Classic

SoyKitty Shines at Commodity Classic 2023

In March 2023, SoyKitty had the honor of being one of the four finalists of the Soy Innovation Challenge, announced at the prestigious Commodity Classic, the largest farmer-led agricultural and educational experience in the U.S. Held in Orlando, FL, this event brought together over 10,400 attendees, including farmers, industry stakeholders, and media members, creating an incredible platform for innovation and networking.

The Soy Innovation Challenge Finalists Announced

The United Soybean Board, in partnership with The Yield Lab Institute, AWS, and Solis Agrosciences, announced the four finalists during a media reception at their booth at Commodity Classic 2023. This announcement was a significant milestone for SoyKitty, showcasing our innovative approach to repurposing soybean byproducts into eco-friendly cat litter.

Watch the Video

To get a glimpse of the excitement and energy at Commodity Classic 2023, check out the video below. It provides a quick wrap-up of the activities, including interviews on the show floor and insights from the finalists. Brandon Day, COO of The Yield Lab Institute, discusses the significance of the Soy Innovation Challenge and the potential impact of the finalists' innovations on the soybean industry.

Meeting the Who's Who of the Soybean Industry

Being part of Commodity Classic allowed us to interact with the leading figures in the soybean industry. This invaluable networking opportunity helped us gain insights and build relationships that will help drive our mission forward. The recognition at this event marked a pivotal point in SoyKitty's journey towards creating premium, eco-friendly products for pets.

Participants and behind-the-scenes moments at the 2023 Commodity Classic featuring SoyKitty cat litter and other Soy Innovation Challenge finalists.

What's Next for the Soy Innovation Challenge Finalists?

The journey doesn't stop here. The finalists, including SoyKitty, will visit the St. Louis agtech ecosystem the week of April 24, 2023 to give our final pitch! This visit will provide further mentorship, entrepreneurial networking, and opportunities to refine our innovations.

Wrap It Up

The Commodity Classic 2023 was more than just an event; it was a catalyst for innovation and collaboration in the agricultural sector. For SoyKitty, it was a moment of pride and recognition of our commitment to sustainability and innovation. Stay tuned as we continue to lead the way in creating eco-friendly, premium products that are safer for people, pets, and the planet.

For more information about the Soy Innovation Challenge and The Yield Lab Institute, visit The Soy Challenge Live and The Yield Lab Institute.

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