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Final Stage of the Soy Innovation Challenge: Pitch Day

In late April, the four finalists of the Soy Innovation Challenge 2022 were flown to St. Louis to participate in the highly anticipated pitch event at the headquarters of the United Soybean Board during St. Louis Startup Week. This final stage of the competition was packed with excitement, innovation, and a fierce pitch contest for the $180k in cash prizes.

The Finalists

The Soy Innovation Challenge 2022 brought together some of the brightest minds in the agtech startup community. The four finalists who made it to the last stage were:

  • Satavie: A promising startup focused on innovative agricultural solutions. Learn more about their journey here.
  • SoyKitty: Our very own startup, revolutionizing the pet care industry with eco-friendly cat litter. Discover more about SoyKitty here.
  • Ichthus Unlimited: A company dedicated to sustainable aquaculture solutions. Find out more about them here.
  • POLARISqb: Innovators in quantum computing for drug discovery. Explore their groundbreaking work here.

Video Highlights

Watch as SoyKitty, Satavie, Ichthus Unlimited, and POLARISqb present their innovative solutions to the judges. The video also features the vibrant networking events, engaging sessions, and the final pitches that took place during the event. It’s a glimpse into the dynamic world of agtech startups and the incredible journey of these finalists.

The St. Louis Agtech Ecosystem

During the week of April 24, 2023, the finalists had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant agtech ecosystem of St. Louis. The city is a hub for innovation, providing a unique platform for startups to connect, learn, and showcase their potential. The event featured networking sessions, panel discussions, and workshops that offered valuable insights and support for the participating startups.

Pitch Day Highlights

The culmination of the Soy Innovation Challenge was the pitch day, where each finalist presented their innovative solutions to a panel of judges. This was a chance for them to showcase their hard work, vision, and potential impact on the agricultural sector. The pitches were followed by a Q&A session, allowing the judges to delve deeper into each startup's business model and strategy.

Networking and Learning

Apart from the intense pitch day, the finalists also participated in various networking events and sessions. These provided an excellent opportunity to connect with investors, industry experts, and fellow entrepreneurs. The camaraderie and exchange of ideas were evident throughout the event, highlighting the collaborative spirit of the agtech community.

Who Will Win?

The competition is fierce, and the stakes are high. Who will take home the grand prize and earn the title of the Soy Innovation Challenge 2022 winner? Join us in celebrating the innovative minds shaping the future of agriculture.

Wrap It Up

The Soy Innovation Challenge 2022 showcased the incredible talent and innovation within the agtech startup community. Each finalist brought something unique to the table, making the competition truly remarkable. Whether you're an entrepreneur, investor, or simply an enthusiast of innovation, the Soy Innovation Challenge is a testament to the transformative power of ideas and collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates and to find out who wins! To learn more about the Soy Innovation Challenge and the participating startups, visit The Soy Challenge Live and The Yield Lab Institute.

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